6/100 - deep purple + goldnblack


Day 6 and I seem to be finding the time to fit this in each day. Each day I feel excited to continue (so far so good). I am hoping to get this weeks pieces uploaded to my shop here. Pricing is based on size.

I like to work from photos, real life and my imagination. Usually I find its a combination of all three. I like to take human influences out of my landscapes. The purity of the landscape feels more genuine to me without power lines, houses etc. I like to imagine what places may have looked like without us impacting them. 

This morning I was frantically getting things ready to go out and hang up flyers. I ran upstairs to get something, but forgot my coffee downstairs. Went upstairs with my coffee and then it was cold. I just couldn’t win this morning. Got to the coffee shop to work and hang a flyer and realized I didn’t bring the illustration board I needed for today. So Ill be doing a pink painting I think. We shall see. 

I also remember I had a dream last night that a poet sent me a critique of some of my little poems I have posted here. He had copious notes and grammatical corrections to tell me.

Thanks Brain. 

xo- until tomorrow- E