11/100- Napthol Red- gold and black

there is a theme here lately with starting things and putting them aside hoping to finish them later. It is probably a sign I am pulling myself too many directions. 

I painted this larger piece on some dark paper I have. I am hoping to finish it but it is quite different from anything else I am working on currently. If you are interested let me know. It is 12.5 inches x 17 inches on paper and will be priced at $375.00


9&10: peachy pink and goldnblack

Today and yesterday were a bit of a crush. Ive been getting ready for an exhibit at a local Yoga Studio featuring some new and some older works on many surfaces. It is up from May 12 until June 12 at Art of Yoga in Morgan Hill California. Their hours are posted online, you may view the work 15 minutes before each class or by appointment. They also host art classes and have a fun studio art night each Friday from 4-6 where you bring something you are working on and hang out and art it up.

I painted this sweet duo at a little cafe I love called Lawson’s Bakery in Morgan Hill right before I hung up my show!  




8/100: gold black and turquoise

The plan was to paint these separate but as we well know best laid plans... etc. Etc.

These are floating inside a reclaimed wood framed from a local company in Aptos, Ca called Alibi Frames. Beautiful and upcycled. Love. Here’s a little poem with this one:

the last day we walked

-up the hill to pines

-covered in snow

xoxo see you tomorrow

6/100 - deep purple + goldnblack


Day 6 and I seem to be finding the time to fit this in each day. Each day I feel excited to continue (so far so good). I am hoping to get this weeks pieces uploaded to my shop here. Pricing is based on size.

I like to work from photos, real life and my imagination. Usually I find its a combination of all three. I like to take human influences out of my landscapes. The purity of the landscape feels more genuine to me without power lines, houses etc. I like to imagine what places may have looked like without us impacting them. 

This morning I was frantically getting things ready to go out and hang up flyers. I ran upstairs to get something, but forgot my coffee downstairs. Went upstairs with my coffee and then it was cold. I just couldn’t win this morning. Got to the coffee shop to work and hang a flyer and realized I didn’t bring the illustration board I needed for today. So Ill be doing a pink painting I think. We shall see. 

I also remember I had a dream last night that a poet sent me a critique of some of my little poems I have posted here. He had copious notes and grammatical corrections to tell me.

Thanks Brain. 

xo- until tomorrow- E


2/100 - #100daysofgoldnblack #the100dayproject

I must admit I was more than a little hesitant to start another daily project. I have started 2 of these at another time without finishing, all honest cards on the table now. I do want to finish things I start and by making this project a bit more open ended than the last few I feel a little more at ease. 

Today I was out and about taking my mom to an appointment so I brought a little kit of supplies along with me and painted this Gold and Black on Black paper.

5x7 - Watercolor on Black Paper

Gold + Black + Ultramarine and a bit of White

i believe we met

—- long before

I knew how much

you could settle, deep in-to my

smallest places. 

xo - Elissa  

See you tomorrow  

1/100 - Day One: #the100dayproject #100daysofgoldnblack

Starting #the100dayproject today with a little trepidation. I have decided to do #100daysofgoldnblack for my project: Perimeters

Not too many- Mostly Gold & Black and just a touch of an accent color here and there... other than that, size, shape, and surface is open to all - medium is, of course, watercolor. 

A few tools: Winsor & Newton brushes, Khadi Paper, Finetec Gold, Vine Black from Case for Making, and a dash of Veridian Green from QoR watercolors.

A few tools: Winsor & Newton brushes, Khadi Paper, Finetec Gold, Vine Black from Case for Making, and a dash of Veridian Green from QoR watercolors.

3x4 - Watercolor on Paper

Gold & Black & Viridian

 This painting was inspired by a little trip back from up north to see my darling daughter back to school and fo course take in some spectacular redwood views.   

-misty clouds, tall trees on taller mountains... a breath of sea washed over all of it. 

See you tomorrow  

xo- Elissa

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