24/100- peach paper is so fine

Ahhhh I am loving these different shade of watercolor paper. I am using a handmade paper from Khadi, who are based in India. You can buy their papers online from different re-sellers or place a larger order with them through their site. Recently I saw that Case for Making out of San Francisco is making some collections of watercolor papers. 


23/100- blue: an obsession

I mix almost all my paints, from the tube in a pan and on and on... I could tell you maybe what exactly this color was in the beginning? but its been mixed and managed so here is this blue piece.  And I am loving the contrast of the inky blacks with blue. Maybe I will move on soon? Also you will notice some deciduous trees here... its spring and all the trees here are budding out, well honestly they started about a month or more ago. Oh California... its Spring is really ever present.


22/100- 11x14 ohhhhh big work is too fun

I was feeling the abstract expressionist spirit with this one. I started with wet paint on a dry surface. Here I am using one of my Trekell watercolor panels. I really love the Arches paper that is on these surfaces. This is an intuitive painting, meaning I am not working from a photo but rather finding my way into the landscape as I go, seeing the hills and the cliffs emerge as I make marks on the paper. Making decisions as I go means taking a step back, letting thoughts and feelings percolate and also taking chances. I splatter paint when I feel like it, I move the brush in unexpected ways and I leave white spaces.