Big Magic & Art that gets put on hold...

I am sure you have heard, Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic came out this week. It's big news and I love her books.

So so much.

I am excited about the book and have been savoring it all week. She touches on something interesting (well lots really #whoamikidddinright?) about inspiration. How it is this entity that chooses you and may come or go if you do not relish or immediately attend to it. I've been neglecting my collage inspiration lately to get to other things, that really are important- a new calendar, new card line, applying to a local gallery (fingers crossed) and loads of other things...  Don't get me wrong here. 

This collage project is HUGE. It is this large, living breathing thing inside me. I get excited/nervous when I think about it. My throat closes up because I am emotionally attached to it and it feels like meeting someone important for the first time or getting really near the edge of a cliff (but really who does that?). Serious magic.

I thought I would share the work so far with you all here and to also keep myself accountable to this inspiration... because this really needs to be out in the world. This is the beginning of a much larger project but here is the start. I hope you will follow along.

Here are some of the photos from my collaged painting. I started with a large stretched piece of watercolor paper on a 4x6 foot board. This painting was intuitive and I didn't use a photo referece, but wanted to do a starry sky over a desert landscape. After the painting was finished I let it dry and then I tore it up. Here is a collaged (hilarious, i know) video.

So now I am moving on to collaging it to cradled boards, I like American Easel brand boards, but there are lots to choose from. More to come. Onward... 
xo - Elissa