Happy New Year in November

The blank page of this blog is always difficult for me to overcome. As you may have noticed I do not blog often. Words and stories that at first sound interesting to impart to you, dear readers, later seem lame and unimportant. Ahh well. Give me a blank piece of paper or canvas any day! Soon I hope to over come this non-sensical fear of the blank screen because....

“Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.”

— Leonard Cohen

I have a few stories to tell you... some about owls doing things (adventurous things) and one about a white crane that's more of a poem. I hope to finish a few this year! YAY!

Kickstarter? Possibly, I will do a campaign to fund the books. Including different levels of prizes for those interested in prints or gift items or signed copies, etcetera. Interested? Keep an eye out in my newsletters for ways to participate. Sign up here:


On the note of new things- I have re-arranged the studio and cleaned and organized. I have been so utterly exhausted lately and most of my energy was spent avoiding cleaning and putting things back into my space. So they flowed into the hall, on the stairway landing, in the front hall, surrounding the dining table, the laundry room and then I created an "annex" studio on our coffee table in family room. These were my studio materials that grew from a small family of items into boxes and boxes of supplies while I was completing my artist in residence, then two art boutiques, and countless orders and giveaways during October. Sigh!

At present I have most of the things back into their places (do not look in the closet) but still a pile of things to get through in the hallway. I hope to work on owl illustrations on the flat file and to keep paint sequestered to the island. #lifegoals

And soon (11/15) there will be ornaments for you! This year Im offering 3 dimensional ceramic ornaments along with 2D flat wood ornaments. My ornaments from 2016 will be on sale too! Just in time for holiday parties and those office secret Santa exchanges. Want first dibs (11/10)?

I am hoping to have some scarves to show you on my next update!