Local Pop-Up in San Jose + New Places to Find my Work!!

Pop-Up Event : San Jose, CA at BackYard SJ.

Sunday September 15th I will be live in real life in downtown San Jose with other SJMade makers showing off how we do in a sweet little popup hang out spot. There will be music and coffee and mimosas and me! :)

I will be bringing some of these items you see below as well as other watercolor paintings…

Terra Amico : New Showroom Featuring my work!


Join Me on October 5th at Terra Amico in San Jose for a Party

(& to see some awesome work by me and other awesome makers!)

Back Home to Rapid City, SD - Reception & Paintings...

Reflecting on going home today… this Thursday I will be heading back to my home-town where i grew up for the first 32 years of my life. Rapid City, South Dakota is on the western side of the state, at the foothills of the rockies, and home to many National Forests, Grasslands, Caves and so many more sites to see.

My exhibit will be up at my pal Bonny Fleming’s shop, Shaviq Boutique & Gallery from May 25- July 30. Please stop by if you find yourself in the area.

Hours & location for the shop are:

626 St Joseph St, Rapid City, SD 57701

Hours: 10am - 6pm Monday - Saturday Closed Sunday

You are invited… to my reception too!

Click the Photo to see the Facebook Event!

Click the Photo to see the Facebook Event!

A litte preview of the show:

Ive also made a few stickers just for the occasion. You can purchase them in a 4 pack for the price of 3 until June 1st! They will be shipping out asap when I am back in California. I will have 4 packs available at my show as well.

Sticker preview:

Click Here to Purchase a 4 Pack! Prices increase after June 2nd

Sketchbook Project

Earlier this year I completed my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I really wanted to record a conversation with different trees, however when I started painting these aspens just kept popping up. So I went with this theme, Conversations with Aspens. Let me know what you think!

You can find more information about the project and participate here: The Sketchbook Project

If you are in Brooklyn, NY you can find my sketchbook with this number: #S219552 it should be available digitally soon.



Today I am thinking about fear...

Today i am thinking about fear...

What holds us back, keeping us in a box, in a house, in the car or in our heads and hearts. Sharing myself is hard, i know its hard for you too... i know some of you feel it too, in different ways.


A secret : Ive had these giant watercolor surfaces for about 6 months? Maybe longer... i was so excited when i bought them to continue working on a more abstracted landscape series. After my initial release I only received one sale... and I felt a little heartbroken and confused, what do i do now?!


So I put them away and stopped that series... and have sort of been floundering around with this and that since then. Today the spell is broken, yay! I have been working on others but today really feels like I can see the thread that connects all of them. I’m really excited to finish them for my show.

- continuing...from Instagram

Yesterday I was considering all those times when I couldn’t move forward with my work, at university, after I finished my job as a gallery manager and started painting again, when we moved into our new home of California and I was paralyzed with loneliness and fear of the unknown... so many things came up. Some wisdom came back from my professors who also became friends:

What if you rip it?

My advising prof, Dave Wilson was helping me through some paintings I was completing for my independent study in Watercolor. We were looking at these giant painted sheets of watercolor paper and brainstorming. What if I tore the paper?! Can I do that?… Yes.

You can do whatever you want.

Say it again… say it in the mirror… yell it out your window! - I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT

Art hasn’t got too many limitations really… so just go for it. If you get stuck think of that advice… what if I rip it? What if I glue it? What if I throw it away and start over? What if I take a break?

Another good professor pal Ann Porter said to me, “Why not?” to me when I came up with another problem… I couldn’t afford to frame my works on paper. I didn’t want to switch mediums to paint on canvas and, “You can’t paint watercolor on canvas, right?” and she said…

WHY NOT. seriously why not? so I tried it and it was awesome… I painted for 7 years on canvas…sold lots of watercolor paintings on canvas. Another question for your arsenal when you are stuck.

YOUR- I am stuck - Arsenal:

  • What if I rip it?

  • Why not?

You can do whatever you want

Remember… you control your destiny. You can create your own worlds. Inspire yourself. Do you have your own arsenal of things you say to yourself and your art when your stuck? I would love to hear! Leave me a comment…



Art Supply Favorites

“Do you have your phone & computer set to UK English?, me too…”

-March Meet the Maker-

So far this March Ive been participating in March Meet the Maker, founded by Johanna Hawker on Instagram at some point in the past… seemed like a fun way to share a few behind the scenes things with all of my peeps and I always miss it until mid-month, so yay!

Supplies! I have too many, as noted in previous post, i just started getting rid of supplies I thought I would use, but just haven’t and they are weighing me down! Blah!


Here are my favs…



My favorites lately:

Trekell Brushes:

Golden t=Taklon : cats tongue & filberts & daggers

Synthetic Squirrel : I have a quill and i love it! wonderful snap and versatility

Silver Brush Limited : Black Velvet Pointed Rounds - available from most online art shops

Escoda Versatil Synthetic : I have a pointed round I really love

Ocean-i : Piccolo Brush, absolutely beautiful - i really love the hanging ribbon for drying. be gentle with this one!

Wish List: Rosemary & Co. Brushes



Ohhhh the paper! All of these can be found with a simple google search. Khadi is only available via certain sellers.

So many kinds I really love. Top of mind and go to are:

1. L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage - Ive only tried the 300 lb and it is like velvet. Such a beautiful texture! Definitely give it a try

2. Arches Cold Press any weight … nuff said. This paper is always my go to, its tough and I can make changes easily, has wonderful tooth and just an all around great paper.

3. Khadi Paper: this paper is handmade in India and it is so beautiful!

4. Shizen - beautiful textured paper



So many kinds to choose from now-a-days…in no particular order

Handmade Small Batch Artisan WC in hard pans:

- Ruby Mtn. Paint Co.

- Pfeiffer Art Supply

- Case for Making

Large Scale Paint Co’s (available via most retailers):

M. Graham & Co. (their Sap Green is my go to) very affordable range too

Sennelier - the large tubes are awesome for going big

Daniel Smith (highly rec. their dot card) - love the line of interference colors

Winsor & Newton (only place to get Turner’s Yellow)

Holbein- lovely

Schmincke- lovely

post your suggestions in the comments!