Letting Go...

“I demolish my bridges behind me…then there is no choice but to move forward.”
– Fridtjof Nansen

This past weekend my Bob and I decided to go ahead with my closet remodel. It has been weighing me down for some time to have all of this extra stuff around, taking up precious space… I feel déjà vu … maybe i did a post at another time about this very thing.


Any hoo.


We all have watched, heard of, stood next to someone watching or talking about, The Magic of Tidying Up gal wonder that is Marie Kondo. Before this magic, however I had been considering for (ahem, cough cough, years) some time the idyllic wonder of just starting over. What would happen if I piled all of my artwork into bin, and shut it up in my garage? Or, gasp, threw it in the bin!!

—-- nothing would happen… except possibly some tears, regret and then maybe even a nice big sigh of relief!

Some times my work feels sentient, it holds this person hood type space in my studio… each painting represents; money, time, energy, lessons, money, frustration— all the feelings, you name it, they will be there. Like a person, a friend from high school you rarely speak to any more, they linger in your closet (on your hidden Facebook friends/acquaintance list) and sit in wait. They will jump out to comment on your current work to say, but hey what about me? I didn’t sell… so you are probably not going to sell that either!

—- Yikes.

And so they sit… piles of paintings and mistakes and what ifs that are sometimes really great work!

What to do? Well, I won’t tell you what to do, I am not a guru… or an expert. I am here in the trenches with you baby.

However—— here is my plan. I have 3 piles :

  • work i love, I know this work fits with what I am currently producing and/or I know its fantastic… it just hasn’t found the right buyer.

  • the maybes. maybe i should give that away, or just toss it- maybe ill put an expiration on these to check back in with them in 2 weeks. maybe ill give them away to everyone who purchases another painting… buy one get one ?

  • i haven’t painted work like this in a long while. i keep moving the stacks around and each time i heave a giant sigh. time to let go.

So this is my plan! The maybe’s will go on sale next month during my Happy Birthday to me (and you) April sale. I will have lots of landscapes, owls and what not.

signatureFirst copy 2.jpg

some photos of the studio closet