Today I am thinking about fear...

Today i am thinking about fear...

What holds us back, keeping us in a box, in a house, in the car or in our heads and hearts. Sharing myself is hard, i know its hard for you too... i know some of you feel it too, in different ways.


A secret : Ive had these giant watercolor surfaces for about 6 months? Maybe longer... i was so excited when i bought them to continue working on a more abstracted landscape series. After my initial release I only received one sale... and I felt a little heartbroken and confused, what do i do now?!


So I put them away and stopped that series... and have sort of been floundering around with this and that since then. Today the spell is broken, yay! I have been working on others but today really feels like I can see the thread that connects all of them. I’m really excited to finish them for my show.

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Yesterday I was considering all those times when I couldn’t move forward with my work, at university, after I finished my job as a gallery manager and started painting again, when we moved into our new home of California and I was paralyzed with loneliness and fear of the unknown... so many things came up. Some wisdom came back from my professors who also became friends:

What if you rip it?

My advising prof, Dave Wilson was helping me through some paintings I was completing for my independent study in Watercolor. We were looking at these giant painted sheets of watercolor paper and brainstorming. What if I tore the paper?! Can I do that?… Yes.

You can do whatever you want.

Say it again… say it in the mirror… yell it out your window! - I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT

Art hasn’t got too many limitations really… so just go for it. If you get stuck think of that advice… what if I rip it? What if I glue it? What if I throw it away and start over? What if I take a break?

Another good professor pal Ann Porter said to me, “Why not?” to me when I came up with another problem… I couldn’t afford to frame my works on paper. I didn’t want to switch mediums to paint on canvas and, “You can’t paint watercolor on canvas, right?” and she said…

WHY NOT. seriously why not? so I tried it and it was awesome… I painted for 7 years on canvas…sold lots of watercolor paintings on canvas. Another question for your arsenal when you are stuck.

YOUR- I am stuck - Arsenal:

  • What if I rip it?

  • Why not?

You can do whatever you want

Remember… you control your destiny. You can create your own worlds. Inspire yourself. Do you have your own arsenal of things you say to yourself and your art when your stuck? I would love to hear! Leave me a comment…