Art Supply Favorites

“Do you have your phone & computer set to UK English?, me too…”

-March Meet the Maker-

So far this March Ive been participating in March Meet the Maker, founded by Johanna Hawker on Instagram at some point in the past… seemed like a fun way to share a few behind the scenes things with all of my peeps and I always miss it until mid-month, so yay!

Supplies! I have too many, as noted in previous post, i just started getting rid of supplies I thought I would use, but just haven’t and they are weighing me down! Blah!


Here are my favs…



My favorites lately:

Trekell Brushes:

Golden t=Taklon : cats tongue & filberts & daggers

Synthetic Squirrel : I have a quill and i love it! wonderful snap and versatility

Silver Brush Limited : Black Velvet Pointed Rounds - available from most online art shops

Escoda Versatil Synthetic : I have a pointed round I really love

Ocean-i : Piccolo Brush, absolutely beautiful - i really love the hanging ribbon for drying. be gentle with this one!

Wish List: Rosemary & Co. Brushes



Ohhhh the paper! All of these can be found with a simple google search. Khadi is only available via certain sellers.

So many kinds I really love. Top of mind and go to are:

1. L’Aquarelle Canson Héritage - Ive only tried the 300 lb and it is like velvet. Such a beautiful texture! Definitely give it a try

2. Arches Cold Press any weight … nuff said. This paper is always my go to, its tough and I can make changes easily, has wonderful tooth and just an all around great paper.

3. Khadi Paper: this paper is handmade in India and it is so beautiful!

4. Shizen - beautiful textured paper



So many kinds to choose from now-a-days…in no particular order

Handmade Small Batch Artisan WC in hard pans:

- Ruby Mtn. Paint Co.

- Pfeiffer Art Supply

- Case for Making

Large Scale Paint Co’s (available via most retailers):

M. Graham & Co. (their Sap Green is my go to) very affordable range too

Sennelier - the large tubes are awesome for going big

Daniel Smith (highly rec. their dot card) - love the line of interference colors

Winsor & Newton (only place to get Turner’s Yellow)

Holbein- lovely

Schmincke- lovely

post your suggestions in the comments!