January 2019 Artomats!

Welcome to 2019! I am busy making more artomats for the new year. These are the newest sets, pre-sliced.

New sightings include: Venue in Seattle, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Yellowstone Art Museum, Lane Community College and two possible places in Miami! So so exciting. What is Artomat? Check it out here in this post.

My goal this year is 100 per month! WHAT!? I am excited to see where these little landscapes end up for the year. If you are interested in joining the artomat team of artists, click here for more info. This is a wonderful way to get your work out into the world and to encourage art collecting.

No machines near you? I would love to mail you an artomat from here! Everything is the same as if you bought them out of the machine, except the box. The signature box is only available via the machines. :)

Click here to buy an artomat!