Re-Contructing Landscapes

A 30 foot landscape documenting my personal memories of landscape beginning with my first attachment to the land, a butte on my grandparents ranch in western South Dakota. Traveling through the landscapes that embedded themselves in my personal landscape along the way in my life’s journey thus far and ending with my current home in California where I connected with the ocean-scape in Big Sur during our first December in CA. The paintings also travel through the sunrise, daytime, a little storm and ending with sunset and night.

Gathering Migration

This series was a slow progression of paintings that came together over time to form a cohesive group with color and repetitive pattern. I used an intuitive painting method in this series and drew on the color schemes and patterns from the Re-Constructing series to insinuate time passing, with the stripes and allude to a crossing over of day into night and vice versa. While these go in no particular order, they represent more of the landscape I currently view and collect in my day to day life here in Gilroy, CA. We see many migrating and stable bird populations along our levee preserve on the Uvas Creek trail that is near to our home. I am very interested in how our patterns of movement over land mimic those of birds moving through air.