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Artwork by Elissa Nesheim

Art-O-Mat, What's That?


Elissa Nesheim

Starting February 2018 I am making these longer landscape series as you see below. I will also be making one panel original watercolor works and prints based on these art-o-mat series, to make them accessible to those who are not close to an art machine or if you fall in love with them. I started painting longer watercolor landscapes spanning several surfaces in 2007. Just as we take pieces of the landscape with us in our memory of childhood, when visiting far flung places or exploring your current place on the globe, I paint snapshots of the landscape. I love the idea that several people have a piece of the whole, we are what connects us. Some of these have canvas, all-in-one, paintings. Those that do are noted beneath and have a link to the canvas inspired version. 

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What is Art-o-Mat?

Elissa Nesheim


Art-o-mat® machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art.

I am super excited to share this site with you! I have been working with Artomat for two years now, creating tiny little paintings to start or add to your personal art collection. Along with hundreds of other artists around the world, and with the lovely people at Artomat HQ I am able to be a part of re-purposing these cigarette machines into something fabulous!

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Earlier Sets of my Artomat work:

In these earlier sets, on paper, each painting is its own world, usually in a vignette style. I used these little paper pieces as a sort of sketch book to work out different compositions, lines and color schema. Of course, these little guys inspired larger works based on the original and eventually led me back to an idea I had long ago about taking a larger piece of the landscape and dividing it amongst many collectors. I wanted to bring this idea to the artomats as well, because the project really lends itself to division of a whole. Artists generally send in boxes of their work in sets of 50 or 100. These get divided up between machines throughout the art-o-mat-verse. Most machine curators order from artists in groups of 10, due to machine capacity.