March 2019 Artomats- Plus special bonus arto-mats

Greetings friends! Here are the Art-o-mat panoramas I finished in March, they should be out in machines very soon.

Want to participate by hosting an Art-o-mat machine at your location or make artwork?

Click Here!

Also this month I painted a few special landscape panoramas inspired by some of my favorite landscapes in Film for the River Run International Film Festival. So much fun!


February 2019 Artomats - Desert Collection

Hello Artomat friends! Here are the 100 artomats coming soon to an artomat machine near you!

I have listed a few of these for sale in my most recent collection. Have a suggestion for a landscape panorama collection? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Are you interested in artomat? You can read more about my experience in my blog post. For commissions please contact me via my contact page.


Starting February 2018 I am making these longer landscape series as you see below. I will also be making one panel original watercolor works and prints based on these art-o-mat series, to make them accessible to those who are not close to an art machine or if you fall in love with them. I started painting longer watercolor landscapes spanning several surfaces in 2007. Just as we take pieces of the landscape with us in our memory of childhood, when visiting far flung places or exploring your current place on the globe, I paint snapshots of the landscape. I love the idea that several people have a piece of the whole, we are what connects us. Some of these have canvas, all-in-one, paintings. Those that do are noted beneath and have a link to the canvas inspired version. 

Would you like a panorama piece based on the color series below? Click Here for Commission Inquiries.